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Acqua Di Rose 100% Naturale Originale Marocco 125ml Tonico Lenitivo Detergente

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Rose water, original Morocco 100% natural

Bottle 125 ml

The properties of the rose water

Perhaps not everyone knows that, but the rose water, in addition to the calming and soothing properties the most well-known, it also has great hidden virtues that can come to the aid of our well-being. You want to know what they are? For example, it is a great antibacterial and wound healer , and is able to cure and heal the small wounds on your skin, but it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and has great astringent properties. And then, it is well known the relaxing power of her scent.

Rose water: all the benefits

The compresses of rose water, applied directly around the eyes, are particularly useful for the dark circles and bags. But they are still more important to alleviate the couperose or to 'prepare' the skin for the treatment against seborrheic dermatitis. Not only that, rose water proves to be an indispensable ally againstacnethanks to its antibacterial properties. Finally, in addition to being a great tonic natural, how can we deny that this fragrance is particularly pleasant, aromatic and refreshing?

Cleanse your face with the rose'

"The phase of the cleansing of the face can be treated in detail: the cleansing milk and the tonicare essential for skin that is soothed, and the operation must be as delicate as it is, with all probability, of a moment that 'forces' a skin supersensitive, "explains the dermatologist.

Tonic rose water to soothe

"After you have deleted every trace of makeup with the milk, tampon your face with a cotton pad soaked in tonic rose water until it is perfectly white: this combination is great for sensitive skin"

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