Aloe Vera oil Huile Repairer for Face and Body 30ml 100% Natural Morocco

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Aloe Vera oil
L’ Aloe Vera Oil is rich in vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals, stimulates blood circulation and the natural defenses of the skin, regenerating cell, and excellent anti-inflammatory. Effective against sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, and allergies.
The Oil of Aloe Vera regulates the moisture of the skin, softens old scars, and treatment of infections in general and candida in particular. It is very delicate, and therefore it is recommended for the protection of the eye contour, where applied with a massage in the clockwise direction, leaving about twenty minutes and then removed gently with the handkerchief.
This treatment should be repeated for 20 days 4 times a year.
To soothe the skin after sun exposure, after shaving or in the case of hives, eczema or itching of the skin, use two tablespoons of the gel of aloe with a few drops of lavender essential oil.
In the case of dry hair, prepare a moisturizing by adding five drops of rosemary essential oil , five tablespoons of oil aloe. Mix and spread the product on the hair. Let stand for half an hour, then rinse the hair with water and a mild shampoo.

To prevent wrinkles apply on the face every morning a teaspoon of oil of aloe to which you have added a drop of essential oil of geranium.
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