The Tajine is a typical Berber dish of meat or fish stewed with vegetables from the Maghreb and in particular Moroccan cuisine that for some years has become the protagonist on tables all over the world, evolving its traditional recipes to the culinary habits of the countries where it has landed. . The Tajine has been welcomed globally by the positive opinions of nutritionists and taste connoisseurs who tend to turn their attention to low-fat dishes and diets rich in vegetables embellished with the benefits of spices, without in this case having to give up taste.
The name of the dish derives from the terracotta pot of which only the use of the article changes. "The tagine" entirely handmade with traditional artisanal methods has the pride of being completely natural without any toxic material that with wear could compromise the dishes, it is found both in its raw form and in its enameled and hand-decorated form and it is also a beautiful accessory to keep on display in your dining room, there are all sizes based on the number of diners and its capacity varies from single cover up to eight or more.
Being built entirely of terracotta during cooking, it is advisable to use a flame spreader and the fire must always be very low, in fact it should be remembered that it was created to be fed by the embers contained in the traditional terracotta stove: the "Majmar"
The best known tajines are mqualli (chicken with lemon and olives), kefta (meatballs and tomatoes) and mrouzia (lamb with plums and almonds) but it can be used for any recipe, even for cooking a good chicken cacciatore. with an all-Italian taste, there are no rules! Beyond the typical Moroccan recipes, it lends itself to a wide variety of recipes, with a single constant the cooking method capable of preserving the properties of the food and the authenticity of the flavors. The most renowned chefs have not been spared from the ancient charm of the Moroccan pot and to date with their recipes they have set an example of the versatility of the ingredients that blend well with nouvelle cuisine and experimental cuisine.


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