The Moroccan manufacturing art today makes this North African country a productive and highly esteemed place for the variety of materials processed and for the ability of local artisans to work them. Ethnic objects from Morocco differ from other African-style artefacts for the meticulous finishing of the details, for the evolution of materials and for the elegance that identifies its definition of style in "Ethnic chic".

Morocco and the Moroccans have their cultural roots in artisan art since ancient times. The North African people, characterized by Arab and Berber populations, have been working every type of material for centuries, from wood to wicker, from terracotta to ceramics, from leathers to carpets. In short, all Moroccan culture revolves around the craftsmanship of a wonderful people.

Time has established that Morocco is the heart of craftsmanship in the world. The Berber populations, in fact, who have inhabited Morocco since prehistoric times and have had both European and Arab influences over time, were the first during the Stone Age to create an instrument that takes the name of Aterian, the first stone tool which dates back 145,000 years ago at the Ifri n'Ammar site in Morocco.

The Aterian, which represents the first Berber manufacturing work, tells the predestination of a people in its own way, as if the art of manufacturing ingenuity had been entrusted to the Berbers. In Morocco, therefore, craftsmanship is born with man and with him it evolves to reach superlative levels of style.

Despite the continuous artisan evolution and the constant processing and transformation of materials, Moroccans did not evolve by choice towards the industry that involved Western countries in the mid-1900s, Morocco remains radically linked to traditional artisan techniques and this choice is a winner. Today, in fact, ethnic Moroccan-style products are highly sought after thanks to their artisan evolution that has refined their creations without detracting from the authentic style of tradition.

Of this immense manufacturing industry that expands in the processing of materials, from north to south of Morocco, in a country of a thousand and one nights, bathed by the sea, kissed by the ocean, stretched out in the desert until it touches the sky with the beyond 4000 meters of Mount Jbel Toubkal, the artisan work then flows into the labyrinthine districts of the Medinas, among which, the most visited in the world are those of Marrakech and Fez. The Medina is a magical place, with bright colors of leather objects and carpets, bright paintings on ceramic and terracotta utensils. At sunset the souk then comes to life with thousands of lights in opulent lamps, lanterns and chandeliers. A play of lights, shadows and colored reflections that have made Marrakech and all the markets of Morocco a destination for international tourism. An almost divine art and gift the workers of Moroccan artisans who from Aterian to the present day continue to be a value and wealth for Morocco.


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